Strategic Plan

Strategic Direction

Strong & committed Association. “Sell it to Yourself”

  • Effective Representation across the Industry
  • Develop Regulatory Partnerships
    • Government
    • Tourism
  • Build Strategic Alliances
  • Clearly articulated policies backed by research.
  • Continue to develop Industry Standards
  • National Support
  • Improve Communications
  • Industry
  • Community
  • Media

Key Strategies

  • Research Foundation
  • PT Asset Audit
  • Industry facts & stats
  • Manage – Develop a process to handle specific operator queries.
  • Articulate Directors roles and responsibilities.

The Future Tasmanian Passenger Transport Task

Areas of Future Growth

  • Remove school owned buses
  • Modern buses for all services
  • Better rate of
  • Better off-site services – support infrastructure
  • Better public education
  • Control of own destiny
  • Strong partnerships – other Associations
  • Extended value for Membership
  • Formation of Industry Advisory Group (PT)

Key strategies for improved services

  • Research
  • Better use of media / PR campaigns
  • Association image / perception
  • Directors Roles & Responsibilities
  • Develop process for dealing with specific operator requests.
Tasbus Tasmania

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