To promote the Tasmanian Bus Industry in partnership with Government, as an important element to ensuring the future sustainability of Tasmania’s land transport system to provide Tasmanian communities a viable and alternative travel choice to the car and ensure services meet the mobility requirements of all in the community.

The Goals of the Tasmanian Bus Association

The Tasmanian Bus Association will;

  • Protect the ongoing viability of the Tasmanian Bus Industry.
  • Develop and implement policies that improve the efficiency and professionalism of the Tasmanian Bus Industry.
  • Provide assistance and advice to bus operators on issues which will impact on their business.
  • Promote industry unity and professionalism.
  • Stimulate employment opportunities and job security within the industry by encouraging sustainable growth of business.

Policy Direction

The TBA will work to achieving its goals by developing a strategic work program with its policy focus being in the following areas:


To ensure that travel by bus and coach remains the safest means of land transport in Tasmania.


To ensure bus services meet customer travel needs.


To ensure that a reasonable basic level of mobility is available to all irrespective of personal circumstances or location.


To reduce the level of emissions to air and water attributable to the bus and coach industry and contribute to the lowering of overall transport emissions


To improve the efficiency of bus and coach passenger transport services.

Professionalism / Visibility

Raise the business professionalism and profile of the Tasmanian bus and coach industry.


  • To increase patronage of bus and coach services by 15% by 2020.
  • To reduce the average age of the Tasmanian bus and coach fleet to 15 years by 2020.
  • To rationalise existing passenger transport services and use existing funding more efficiently.
  • To identify opportunities to increase Public Transport funding from State and Commonwealth Governments.
  • To promote the Tasmanian Accreditation program to be recognised as Industry benchmark, ‘Entry Point’ to industry and mutually recognised by all States.
  • To monitor and manage Industrial Relations issues impacting on Tasmanian Industry.
  • To promote public transport and bus and coach travel as a viable alternative travel choice.
  • To meet customer expectations.

Sector Focus



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